Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridays at the Met 3

Had to miss last week because of a previous obligation, so I really want to work today!!
The goal was to start coloring, a soft glaze, just looking for the colors, trying to match those in the painting, how they were before they aged.  I like doing that and I think that I was doing pretty well until I reached the sky.  I put a color down, I scraped it, I  started again, scraped it again, and no matter how much I tried, did not even come close to the real thing.  There is an instructor to this workshop, I'll ask for help. He's there mostly for guidance and to make sure we don't run amock,. I don't see him more than once or twice.  In his defense, we are one copyist per gallery, so the poor man has to go from gallery to gallery to see his students.

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