Friday, April 13, 2012

Fridays at the Met 2

Second day of the workshop, redefining shadow shapes and studying very closely the gesture.  I tend to rush my paintings a little, a lot, I guess is from my plein air background.  Can't do that here, everything has to be observed and given a lot of thought.  My tendency would be to make my version of the painting, but that's not the goal here, so I'm struggling.  My arm wants to paint freely, but I must follow Mr. Massimo Stanzione.
I still spent some time very lost in the galleries, it did not get any better than last week.
After the workshop was finished, I stayed in the European Galleries and just looked in awe, especially in frond of Diego Velasquez's "Juan de Pareja", and Rembrandt's self portraits.
Today was a good day!

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