Sunday, March 25, 2012

# 359: John's Tree

This is another Cherry Tree that graces my front yard.  I'm not too happy with this study, it doesn't really capture the gesture of the tree.  I'll try again tomorrow if the blooms hold.

This painting marks the first year of my blog.  I missed 6 painting days, not too bad, mostly they were traveling days.  I think this daily regimen has improved my craft.  This and the classical training I receive will hopefully make up for lost time.  I'm a late bloomer.
I will keep a blog going, but change it to be a daily painting, if possible, no promises.  This way I won't feel guilty when I can't paint.
It's been a good year, this was a good idea.  Tomorrow is a new beginning.

Oil on linen.  6 x 6

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